The hub-and-spoke model

People and businesses today no longer manage a single website or social media page. Usually, the main website serves as a hub, with many other web presences serving as spokes to this hub. These spokes can be their social media presences on Facebook or Twitter, relevant image collections on Pinterest, a dedicated video channel on YouTube, or related apps on various app stores. As a result, getting a view of just the main website of someone is no longer enough to fully the entire picture of connected pages in this hub-and-spoke model.

Here's where Cofactor Nym tool comes into play: by adding your various web presences as connected pages to your Nym profile, you can provide an overview of various means of following or connecting with you or your agent through means going beyond just a single email address. By building your Nym page, you bring together all your web presences to help better define and protect your identity.

By sharing your complete Nym profile with your network, you provide a holistic overview of your entire online presence.

Whether you are a person or a local business, join Cofactor Nym to capture and define your online presence.

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